None of the ideas or suggestions offered in the YCat curriculum or suggested by YCat teachers are meant to replace any of the medical recommendations made by your own medical providers.

Remaining compliant with recommended medical treatments is an essential aspect of regaining your own health and well being. Statistics continually show that compliance is a huge issue in medicine because patients do not rate well on being medical compliant in taking prescriptions or following other physician recommendations. Although medical error and bias are issues in medicine due to the state of the health care system in the US, western medicine is still our soundest tool for saving and extending life. Therefore YCat takes a strong stand in recommending that patients develop and maintain a true therapeutic reltionship with their health care providers. This relationship requires two-way communication based in trust and demands personal disclosure to one’s medical providers of all practices and supplements one is using to complement western medical treatments.

The Yoga practices that are taught and suggested by the YCat curriculum and YCat teachers are never meant to replace western medical care. These practices are meant to be used in conjunction with medical treatment to complement and support that treatment, not ever to replace it. Furthermore YCat provides the links on this website for educational purposes only. Do not construe recommendation when education is our sole objective in providing this information.