YCat’s public health conscience prevents us from recommending payments of large sums of money to procure educational information.  Every person should have access to information that could enable maximizing the potential for health and well being in all aspects of life. Below are sources of very useful information.

Research Articles
Cancer: New Science on How to Prevent and Treat It—A Report from TEDMED –  Dr. Hyman. (Jnani Chapman was a presenter on faculty with Dr Hyman at Center for Mind Body Medicine’ Cancer Guides Conference, 2009)

Yoga for Depression and Anxiety – JACM pdf file

Integrative Holistic Medicine in Minnesota by Carolyn J. Torkelson, M.D., and Bill Manahan, M.D. from Minnesota Medicine

Yoga and Cancer By Stephanie Jean Sohl, PhD, RYT
Stephanie completed the second level – the internship level – of the YCat Yoga Therapy Training.  She attended YCat Level 1 at Yogaville just before sitting to defend her PhD thesis and she went on to complete the Urban Zen Integrative Therapist training while she doing a post doctorate program through a hospital in New York City. Stephanie completed the YCat Level 3 training in Chicago co-sponsored by the Jennifer S Fallick Cancer Support Center.

I have Cancer What Should I Do? – M. González, J. Miranda-Massari, A. Saul

Life Over Cancer – Dr. Keith Block

Healing and the Mind– Bill Moyers

Kitchen Table Wisdom: Stories that Heal– Rachel Naomi Remen

Gentle Yoga for Cancer Patients: Reconnecting Body, Mind and Spirit – Lynn Felder, R.Y.T. – If you or anyone you know is dealing with cancer — as a patient, caregiver, family member or friend — this DVD can help. Learn more about Lynn and the DVD at The Arts of Yoga

There is much information on the internet that addresses the subjects we deal with – here are some links that worthy of looking into.

   US Dept of Health & Human Services

   National Cancer Institute

   Block Center Integrative Cancer Treatment – Dr. Keith Block

   Excellent resource for Integrative Cancer Care Education and Advocacy

   Teachers as educators on TED

   The Institute of Medicine – a great resource for many health topics

   Commonweal – Health & Environmental Research – Cancer Retreats

   Cancer survivorship resources – Marshfield Clinic

   Life Extension – In line with the book I Have Cancer What Should I Do?, these Life Extension folks have been looking at nutriceuticals from a cellular biology perspective for a long time. It may be useful to engage a thoughtful examination of their opinions by your own perceptions, senses and intellect as well as by consulting one of your close medical associates.

   Jnani is featured in LA Yoga magazine – The Therapeutic Practice Of Compassion: Jnani Chapman, RN, CYT

   An online video interview about Yoga in Cancer Care