We will be updating this page with more testimonials.

   “I can’t thank you enough for how your healing energies empowered me through surgery” ~ LS, PhD

   “I felt very much the heart and devotion of all” (staff & faculty) ~ MN

   “I felt cared for, safe, and in a joyful place” ~ SA

   “Dear Jnani: You are a truly special spirit – with a remarkable heart and a remarkable wisdom. It is our privilege & our gift to know you.” ~ B&E

   “Thank you, Jnani for being our modern day shaman who took us to other worlds with our Yoga ~ thanks for being you” ~ CCW

   “I was so nurtured by the time I spent with you and am so grateful for your love and light.”

   “An inspirational speaker – thank you for showing what “spiritual” and “service” paths of life can do. I hope that one day my own personality will be filled with as much light and love as you radiate.”

   “Thank you so much for the training: Your knowledge and dedication are inspiring. “

   “Your guidance has helped me so much. This [internship] has been a very powerful process.”

   “[Jnani is] a cornucopia if goodness, an amazing yogini, full of light and openness.”

   “Yesterday’s session was truly healing – surprisingly so.”

   “[Jnani gave] an extraordinary talk, Thanks, she is quite marvelous.”

   “R & I admire and appreciate your thinking and the way you express yourself.”